Vocal polyphony and tradition confront modernity and global perspectives, questioning what brings us together and what tears us apart. The timeless ancestral call of three voices and traditional instruments saz and violin, mash together with synths, electric guitar, loop station and electronic soundscapes.

OKO consist of artists Moss Beynon Juckes (voice, violin, guitar and electronics), Emma Greenfield (voice, guitar, cornet, percussion) and Petra Nachtmanova (voice, saz, çiftelija, percussion) who have all passed through the Bulgarian village Koprivshtitsa on the search for community through song and identity. Each member brings different elements panning music styles such as classical turkish, english freak folk, georgian and bulgarian choral music to progressive rock. Their recognisable sound emerges from years of soaking up the explosion of cultural and musical influences that are home to Berlin, the city in which they live and create.